Prepping For A Career

It feels like just last year I was starting college. Maybe that’s because it was just one year ago… Now, I’ve been through two CGI classes, two design classes, two video game creation classes, an animation class and more. I’m incredibly proud of the progress I’ve made and incredibly happy to be attending a school where I have access to the resources to practice my technical skills.

Finally, I’ve reached the point in my education where I must take everything I’ve learned into a professional environment. I’m not yet sure which of my skills that environment will require, but I’m more than happy to rise to the occasion. Of course, this is a nerve-racking step in my life. Much like some of my peers, I’m sure, the only type of job I’ve ever worked was in retail. I’m excited to be working in my desired industry (or a related one). This is the exact opportunity I chose my school to grasp. Indeed, I am ready for co-op.

To all potential employers reading this blog post, I would like to say “thank you.” It’s an honor to be considered for your position. I hope you enjoy the personality and passion I bring to my projects, and I can assure you I have even more projects in the works that will prove how far I have been pushing my skills.

If you would like to get to know the Brody behind The Brofolio to find out if he is a good fit for your company, please feel free to reach out using the contact form, here. I would be happy to speak with you, and I am honored you are interested. Thank you, again. Good luck to all potential employers seeking a co-op student, and good luck to all my peers who are currently applying for positions alongside me.